Scaling Acquisition, Profitably

Powering incremental growth for fast growing DTC brands with tailored performance campaigns managed and funded by us.

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The Performance Partner For High Growth Brands

We're a steadfast partner to DTC brands aiming for unparalleled growth. Our specialty lies in crafting performance campaigns that harmonize perfectly with your brand's internal efforts, fueling a horizontal scaling of customer acquisition, all based on a risk-free, CPA model.

Scaling Acquisition,
Not Costs.


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New Customers



Pay for Growth, Not Promises

Our self-funded, performance campaigns are designed to boost your customer acquisition,
while complementing your internal efforts. We fund the campaigns, and you pay
only for the actual customer conversions we achieve.

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Why Brands Trust Us

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Your Profitability Is Our North Star

We help our clients grow their business by solving their acquisition problems at scale. We don't charge unless they're profitable and unlike traditional ad agencies, we don't collect based on spend regardless of performance.

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Complete Visibility and Control

We understand that data is important, so we provide our partners with a full view into the campaigns and tests we run so they can stay as informed as possible and implement the learnings across their internal efforts.

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An Extension Of Your Internal Team

We’ve found that our most rewarding and successful partnerships happen when we work in tandem with your internal efforts to drive incremental results.

That’s why we work with only a handful of DTC brands at a time.

Guaranteed Profitability
Or Your Money Back.

You do not pay a single cent until we deliver profitable results. The reason we can guarantee this is because we're confident in our skills and only work with clients we believe we can help grow. And truthfully, we believe any person investing in professional services should receive visible results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Audience Engaged different from other agencies?

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We're not a one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs.

We only do one thing - drive incremental growth for brands with paid social ads. And we do it better than anyone else. The brands we work with are already successful. We help them break through the ceiling to reach new heights.

What services do you offer?

We only offer one service: Paid Advertising through Performance Partnerships.

We run Facebook Ads for brands in tandem with their internal efforts to achieve greater scale. We develop all of the ad creative, day to day optimizations, and everything in between.

Is your Performance Partnership service right for my brand?

Our Performance Partnerships are best suited for high growth brands that are focused on scaling acquisition without inflating their CACs. Typically our partners are spending over $500,000 per month on Facebook ads already and are battling diminishing returns as they attempt to scale further.

How does it work?

First through a consultation, we'll go over your brand, current performance & goals. We then immerse ourselves in the brand and present you with a tailored scaling plan and creative strategy. We create a new ad account that's owned by your Business Manager and connect as a partner. We fully manage your Facebook & Instagram advertising, optimizing for your previously established goals and regularly assess, adjust and tweak to achieve your KPI targets.

What is your pricing structure?

We pride ourselves for our Performance Based Pricing. Our services start with an initial 60 Day testing phase that's billed at $8,000. Once the testing is concluded and should we agree, our pricing transitions to a performance based pricing model based on percentage of ad spend or revenue. If after the testing phase, we don't perform according to the established KPI's then we fully refund the initial fee.

What's the best way to work with your team?

Trust us with your business. We know it’s a big ask — but we’re not here to simply scale budgets. We thrive when we’re guiding you towards your acquisition goals via a shared understanding of what it’ll take to get there. We value transparent communication and proactively sharing learnings.


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By the end of this demo call, you'll have a clear understanding of what we do and the next steps you can take to start driving incremental growth for your brand.

Find a time on our calendar to schedule your call today and we look forward to speaking to you soon!


Averaging over $5M in annual revenue.

With growing YoY acquisition targets.

Experiencing Diminishing Returns while scaling

​Searching for a reliable partner to drive incremental growth.

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